Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport – Taxi

Since Guangzhou has no problems regarding traffic such as Beijing or Hong Kong, riding a taxi to the city centre can be a wise idea in case you are not familiarized with buses nor metro.

Don’t get upset if you see taxis of more than one colour, they belong to different companies. You can find taxis in blue, yellow and crimson, while in downtown, Green, Golden and yellow are also available, belonging to small local taxi companies.

The ride will take you 25 minutes.


Find taxis 24 hours a day outside the Main Terminal Hall in taxi lines.

Taxi companies

The following taxi companies give service in Guangzhou Airport:

- Baiyun Taxi Group (tel. 86-20-8769-3477)
- Guangjun Taxi Group (tel. 8360-0000)

Opening hours: 24 hours.


Taxis in Guangzhou are cheaper than other Chinese cities.

The average cost to transfer from Guangzhou Airport to the city centre is RMB 120 Yuan. 

Taxi fares in Guangzhou are 10 Yuan for the first 2.5 km, 2.6 Yuan per kilometre between 2.5 and 35 km and 3.5 Yuan per kilometre after 35 km.

Take into account that an additional 50% fee may be charged for empty return.

Also, if you are planning to take a long-distance trip by taxi, you can bargain fares with the driver as you can get a reasonable price.

Taxi scams

Be aware of possible scams regarding taxi drivers. Do not trust drivers who approach you in the Arrivals Hall asking you to ride their vehicle to the city. Many of them do this in order to scam tourists and visitors. They are illegally operating, possessing an unmarked vehicle and charging additional fees, which are way more expensive than the licensed taxis..

Tips to ride a Taxi in Guangzhou

- Do not pay attention to the drivers who will approach you at the Arrivals Hall. They would probably offer you a special price for the ride which could be a scam.


- Once you get to your destination, ask for the invoice before paying the ride. 


- Ask the driver to show you the toll receipt, as many of them will try to pass counterfeit bills. You should only pay the amount displayed on the meter.


- You need to ask clearly to the driver how much will the ride cost, since some taxi drivers may change the agreed fare half-way before riding the taxi. Ask to write it down on a paper and to turn on the meter. Instead, if the driver decides to modify the agreed fares on route, threat him to call the police.

- Some taxi drivers may ask you to pay the tolls as they don’t have money to pay them. You’ll have to pay for them as well in the end, just ask for the bill of those transactions and pay them with small amounts of money. Many tourists have reported that drivers have provided them with change back in counterfeit when they paid with large amounts of money. If you encounter in one of this situations don’t hesitate to threat to call the police.

- Make sure to have your destination written down in Chinese. Many taxi drivers don’t speak English.

Share a car

Sharing car apps such Uber and many others are a useful way to get to your destination at a reduced cost comparing to the above options. You can consider to share your ride with more people or simply join another one’s trip.