Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport – Car Rental


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If you are seeking for a more independent way of transport, hiring a car is the most suitable option for you.

Driving in the Chinese city of Guangzhou can be relaxing than do it in other cities such as Beijing or Hong Kong, even though prepare for prohibitive crowds and quite complicate roads to navigate through, since traffic signals are displayed in Chinese.

Also, you can find large and busy roads nearby the airport. You may request of local help to get straight to Guangzhou.

See attached the car rental companies which operates in Guangzhou Airport:
- Hertz (tel. +86 02061150071)
- Avis (tel. + +86 20 3829 6277)
- Guangzhou Car Service (+86 755 2595 1800)


Find these car rental companies in the Arrivals Hall.

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Renting a car in China – Tips and advices

You need a Chinese driving license to drive in China. In case you don’t possess one, don’t worry, car rental options regarding this issue are wide: You can rent a car with a driver.

Traffic way is on the right.

The signposts are in Chinese (Cantonese).

Be careful with motorcycles: many motorists skip the traffic signals. Try to avoid them and have your eyes on the road all times.