Guangzhou Airport Guide to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)

Guanzhou Airport Parking

Guangzhou International Airport has several parking areas which are distributed on the north and on the south of the Terminal Building.
There are two car parks: One is outdoor and the other one is a covered car park. Short-term and long-term options are available.

They can host over than 4,274 cars and 84 buses. Parking is opened 24 hours 7 days’ week. Additionally, with the completion of Terminal 2, there have been added three more parking lots.


Parking lots

See below the parking’s distribution at Guangzhou Airport:

Terminal 1:

- Parking lot P1: For the International Arrivals. It is the nearest car park to the International Arrivals Hall. You can get there by foot (it’s a 6-minute walk from Area A through a pedestrian walkaway). Services: Toilets.

- Parking lot P2: For Departures and overnight trips. It is the closest car park to the Terminal Building. Many motorists park here, since it has several motorbike lots. The parking lot is split into Zona A (A1 to A13) and Zone B (B1 to B12). Services: Toilets and convenience stores.

- Terminal Parking Structure P3: It is a three-floor parking, especially for overnight trips. It is located between the Terminal Building and the Pullman Hotel. Floors are marked with different patterns. Services: Toilets, elevators and convenience stores.

- Parking Lot P4: For the Domestic Arrivals. It is split into two zones: Zone A and Zone B. It is at a short distance walking from the Departures Hall (15-minute walk). Cars and buses can park here. There are foot-bridges and elevators on the east and on the west side of the parking lot, which lets you check-in right after parking your car. You can get there within a 15 minutes’ walk to the Departures Hall. Find flight information displays.

- Parking Lot P5: For the Domestic Arrivals as well. It is the closest parking to the Domestic Arrivals Hall (6-minutes’ walk through a pedestrian walkway).


Terminal 2:

Terminal 2 has the following parking lots at their passengers disposal. They are able to host over 5,127 vehicles in total, those are located in the south of the main building of Terminal 2 and consists of two stories underground and three above ground.

- Parking Lot P6 (East parking lot)

- Parking Lot P7 (West parking lot)

- Parking Lot P8 (Parking garages A and B)


Pick up & drop off

Taxi pick-up and drop off are available in the Arrivals Hall A and B areas:

- Pick up point of A zone is located outside gate A8
- Pick up point of B zone is located outside gate B6

Passengers should be picked up in the corresponding point of the Arrivals Hall.