Guanzhou Baiyun International Airport – Parking

Guangzhou International Airport has several parking areas which are distributed on the north and on the south of the Terminal Building. There are two car parks: one is outdoor and the other one is a covered car park. Short-term and long-term options are available.

They can host over than 4,274 cars and 84 buses. Parking is opened 24 hours 7 days’ week.

See below the parking’s distribution:

- Parking lot P1: For the International Arrivals. It is the nearest car park to the International Arrivals Hall. You can get there by foot (it’s a 6-minute walk from Area A through a pedestrian walkaway). Services: Toilets.

- Parking lot P2: For Departures and overnight trips. It is the closest car park to the Terminal Building. Many of the motorists’ parks here, since it has several motorbike lots. Services: Toilets and convenience stores.

- Terminal Parking Structure P3: It is a three-floor parking, especially for overnight trips. It is located between the Terminal Building and the Pullman Hotel. Services: Toilets, elevators and convenience stores.

- Parking Lot P4: For the Domestic Arrivals. It is split into two zones: Zone A and Zone B. It is at a short distance walking from the Departures Hall (15-minute walk). Cars and buses can park here. There are foot-bridges and elevators on the east and on the west side of the parking lot, which lets you check-in right after parking your car.

- Parking Lot P5: For the Domestic Arrivals as well. Is the closest parking to the Domestic Arrivals Hall since it is at a 6-minutes’ walk through a pedestrian walkway.

Pick up & drop off

Taxi pick-up and drop off are availablein the Arrivals Hall A and B areas:

- Pick up point of A zone is located outside gate A8
- Pick up point of B zone is located outside gate B6

Passengers should be picked up in the corresponding point of the Arrivals Hall.